Sometimes you’ve gotta fake it…

So today is Wednesday. One of the toughest days of the work week because there are still 2 more days until the weekend. If you’re like me, you might start planning your weekend already just so you have something to look forward to! I also didn’t get much sleep the last two nights so I’ve been feeling and looking like a zombie. Here are some of my favorite products to help me look awake and with it (I am a self-proclaimed product junkie so I’m always trying new things; these are a few new products and a few tried and true ones):

I always use my Neutrogena self-tanner. My dad is a dermatologist so I have heard over and over about the dangers of the sun. This is absolutely the best drug store self-tanner out there! I use it almost every day. The Vitamin C serum was gift from my dad to go along with my Retin-A regimen (hey, I’ll try anything to prevent wrinkles!). My sister says it smells a bit strange but I think it smells like oranges 🙂 The Nars Laguna bronzer is a best-seller for a reason–its great! Although I usually use Nars Orgasm blush to go along with it, I recently purchased the Angelika blush which is such a pretty pink (use a big fluffy brush otherwise it will go on too pink!). Another new product which I absolutely LOVE is the Physicians Formula Happy Booster, Glow and Mood Boosting Powder. First off the pretty hearts and shimmery colors are fun to look at. It also smells like violets (supposedly to enhance the mood boosting effect). I don’t know if I buy into all of that, but it is really cute and provides a great subtle glow over the bronzer and blush. Coupled with the BADgal Lash Mascara it helps me look more awake! Finally my Laura Mercier Eau De Lune perfume has me feeling smelling good all day (people always ask me what perfume I’m wearing when I wear this. Sadly I don’t know if it is still in stores).  I’m always up for trying new products, so let me know if you have any you love to use!

Although Sophie doesn’t always want to get out of bed in the morning (as shown in the pic from this morning), she makes me feel bit happier anyways:

Sophie snuggling in bed

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One Response to Sometimes you’ve gotta fake it…

  1. Becky says:

    i wish i had a little baby nugget to wake up to!

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